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How to check if Apache's mod_rewrite is installed? | PHP Snippet

Hi everyone!

This is a snippet (function) that lets you know if the mod_rewrite of Apache is installed on a Web server.

 * Check if Apache's mod_rewrite is installed.
 * @return boolean
function isRewriteMod()
    if (function_exists('apache_get_modules'))
        $aMods = apache_get_modules();
        $bIsRewrite = in_array('mod_rewrite', $aMods);
        $bIsRewrite = (strtolower(getenv('HTTP_MOD_REWRITE')) == 'on');

    return $bIsRewrite;

How to use this?

Very simple, just look this example below:

if (!isRewriteMod()) exit('Please install Apache mod_rewrite module.');

Good code! ;-)

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